Our Latest Photos.

We love taking pictures!

Baby Goats are the BEST!

Homemade Goat Milk Cheese

Delivery Time

Blanch is Ready to be Milked

Foraging for Wild Fruit is my FAV!

Roadside Foraging

Rainbow Eggs

Our Egg Colors

Egg Face

He Loves the Chickens

Snack Time

Papa Bear and Big MaMa

Picking the Tops off for the Goats

Rainbow Carrots

Picking Carrots

Picking Carrots

Picking Rainbow Carrots

A Manly Carrot

Early Morning Marigolds

Baby Ducks

Ducklings in the Pool - First Swim

Duck Eggs in the Incubator

Marigolds and Dew



Pink Gladiolus

Fuschia Gladiolus

Variegated Gladiolus

Tomato Gladiolus

Hot Pink Gladiolus